Environmental Systems Analysis & Modeling

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In addition to your core competencies, you will take three required classes which deliver the fundamental theories a tools of Environmental Systems and Modeling. You will then choose six elective classes, which come from two different areas; Science and Policy & Administration. Please note that two of your six electives must come from the Science Section and two electives from the Policy & Administration. The remaining two can come from either of the two areas.

Environmental Systems & Modeling (9 credit hours)
  • Environmental Risk Analysis (E 560)
  • Data Analysis and Modeling for Public (P 507)
  • Management Science for Public Affairs (P 539)
Science Electives (at least 6 credit hours)
  • Water Quality Modeling (E 502)
  • Fundamentals of Air Pollution (E 515)
  • Vector-based Geographic Information Systems (E 518)
  • Application of Geographic Information Systems (E 529)
  • Aquatic Chemistry (E 539)
  • Groundwater Flow Modeling (E 554)
  • Fluid Mechanics (E 555)
  • Organic Pollutants: Environmental Chemistry and Fate (E 564)
  • Applied Spatial Statistics (GEOG-G 558)*

*You must work with an adviser when taking courses outside of SPEA.

Policy & Administration Electives (at least 6 credit hours)
  • Benefit-Cost Analysis (P 541)
  • Public Program Evaluation (P 562)
  • Environmental Economics and Policy (R 625)
  • Energy Economics and Policy (R 674)

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You can join the O’Neill Environmental Management & Sustainable Development Association, one of many professional student organizations that offer networking and current information on events in the industry.

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