Service Corps

Get graduate funding—and real-world experience

The O’Neill School, the IU Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA), and Bloomington nonprofit, arts, and public organizations and agencies leverage Federal Work Study funds and collaborate to deliver the Service Corps program—available only to MAAA, MPA, and MSES students. Service Corps Fellows must be eligible for Work Study as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Qualifying Fellows have the opportunity to contribute to the public management, economic development, environmental policy, arts management, and human service needs of the Bloomington community and surrounding areas.


Selection process

Express your interest in Service Corps on our Departmental Questions Form. Students are selected for Service Corps participation during the O’Neill School fellowship allocation process based on their interest, undergraduate academic record, personal statement, and resume.


Gain real-world experience

As an O’Neill School Service Corps Fellow, your advanced learning will be reinforced by applying your knowledge to real-world work settings in the community. Your practical experience will be enhanced through professional development seminars. In addition, working with supervisors that may serve as mentors will supplement your professional network, integral to your career pursuits.

Our curriculum focuses on applied learning in civic engagement programs. Service Corps appointments strengthen the bridge between theory and practice while filling critical gaps in service to the local community. You’ll assume responsibilities in support of strategic objectives of the department, agency, or organization to which you are assigned. 

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