2021 DEI Summit

Radical Revolution: Moving Beyond Performative Allyship

The O’Neill Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion presents our second annual Diversity Summit with the theme “Radical Revolution: Moving Beyond Performative Allyship.”

Join the O’Neill community as we discuss topics ranging from understanding salient identities to dismantling racism in order to intentionally create an environment with a sense of belonging via the work of our allies.

Learning Pillars:

Transformative Systemic Change

Practices, policies, frameworks, and/or research that dismantles inequitable systems and creates new, just, equitable systems in their place.

Sustainable, Equitable Solutions

Practices, policies, frameworks, and/or research that sustains equitable systems. 

Allyship for Equitable Systems

Leveraging privilege to advance the success of marginalized groups of people and promote equity.

This year’s DEI Summit topics will include:

  • Intersectionality of Identities in Higher Education: Identifying and aiming to understand the multiple, intersecting identities within higher education with a focus on individual experiences in order to create a sense of belonging.

  • Five Steps to Mend Relationships: Addressing challenges (broken relationships) between administration and the student population along with efforts to create stronger relationships in order to create a more supportive environment.

  • Dismantling Anti-Blackness in Higher Education Spaces: Historically, Black bodies and blackness have experienced discrimination, harassment, and unfair treatment due to their existence. How can we work together to dismantle these spaces?

  • What Is “Oneness” and How Do We Cultivate It? Operating in “oneness”— recognizing that the work benefits everyone, and must be addressed by everyone, in order to see change that includes everyone.

  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice:
    Incorporating diversity, equity, inclusion and justice across multiple disciplines ranging from art, culture, government, policy, and more.

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